Doug's Values

These are the values that have made me who I am, and that will guide my public service.

Work Hard

I believe in the power of work. If we all work together towards a brighter future, we will make it our reality. My first job was cleaning the aerators for our local sewage department. While it was not a pleasant task, someone had to do it, and that was me. I firmly believe there is no task we cannot achieve if we are willing to work together and to work hard. Just look at the effort given by our soldiers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders who save lives every day.

Hire the Best Team and Give them Responsibility

Building the right team is the first step in building a successful organization. If you can recruit amazing talent and set them loose, they can produce amazing results. I’ll bring together the best minds from business, non-profit and government to help us build a better future for Colorado.

Identify Problems, Seek Solutions, Get It Done.

Problems are best-addressed head on. My years in business have taught me to ask the tough questions, gather data, solicit expert advice, make firm decisions and get it done.

Build for the Future

We have to think and plan for the next generation. Having the long term in mind will allow us to thrive in the present and in the future.

Straight Talk

Have the courage to say it like it is. Sugar coating the facts doesn’t help anyone.


Be positive, believe in yourself, your team and that you’ll achieve your goals.